Telecommunications and media

The significance of telecommunications is constantly increasing, both socially and economically.

The main activities of Sysdata PSE Kft. in the field of telecommunication are:

  • development of telecommunication software and systems
  • on-site operations support
  • service management
  • consultancy and expert services
  • system integration
  • application integration
  • project-specific development of "mediation" devices

In addition to the assignments from our former parent company, our direct presence in the mobile and landline telecommunications market in Hungary is also significant.

Our software solutions guarantee the reliable operation of the fixed, mobile and convergent systems of several telecommunications service providers globally. Our development activities range from software for the core functions of infrastructure to network management systems to multimedia solutions such as digital television transmission and related services.

The systems supporting the processes of the basic activities of telecommunications service providers and the business processes built on them (OSS/BSSS systems) are managed in an integrated manner.

The results and expertise of Sysdata PSE Kft. are present in many products and successful projects globally. These include

  • development of switching centres of wireline systems and network devices
  • installation of the base stations of mobile service providers and mobile networks
  • installation of data warehouses
  • installation of the technology of in-flight mobile calls
  • bandwidth multiplication of optical networks.